Monday, 6 February 2017


Hi... thanks for popping by

I thought I'd show you just how, by adding a little extra light to the same card, can make a huge difference!

The top one is too dark and the bottom too bright LOL!  The colour of the card is actually a very pretty pink

Let me know which you prefer

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I always look forward to reading your comments...
June x 


  1. You need to sack the photographer n do em yourself lol
    I like the card n for me, of the two I'd prefer the lighter one as I can see the embellishments better on that one.
    Keep them coming June they're all marvelous. Also tell photographer I was only joking xxx

  2. Will do Pam, thank you. I did get some valuable advice today about photographs, so hopefully an improvement will be made by the weekend! x


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