Friday, 9 December 2016


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I thought, for a change, I would post something completely different to the ongoing flurry of Christmas cards!
I also make and decorate celebration cakes (Sweet Celebration Tiers), actually it is my husband and I who make the celebration cakes (he has been trained so well :)).  Steve is a very clever and talented man and I am very limited to what I can do because of having rheumatoid arthritis from a very early age.  I do make all the sugar work and decorations and 'dress' the cake

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  1. Hi I know the pair of you and CAN vouch for how clever Steve has become, there is no chance of ANYTHING leaving your premises unless it meets your EXACTING STANDARDS. It must be difficult for Steve at times living with a perfectionist lol.
    However, I only decided to post this to confirm that your cakes are even more fabulous than your cards. I HAVE, over the years, watched the shift from you to Steve in the making of the cakes and the flat coating of icing BUT I HAVE to say that a cake done BY Steve is no different to one done by you. And of course all the finer details and sugar work is still done by you. Steve will have to practice a lot longer before he meets YOUR mark of approval lol. That said, being a former pupil of yours, your teaching skills are also impressive - the difference here is, as a pupil, we did not HAVE to reach that "magic" mark before we could bring our masterpieces home, poor Steve (only joking)
    So, if anyone IS looking for that REALLY SPECIAL cake, look no further give June n Steve a ring, THEIR cakes truely are amazing underneath AND on top of the

  2. So very kind of you to say all that Pam, thank you so very much xx


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